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Is there any guarantee on shipped chicks & eggs?

Yes we give live arrival guarantee on all chick orders. If any come dead we just ask that you take a clear picture of all the dead chicks in one photo and send it to us right away. Dead chicks will be refunded. On shipped eggs we guarantee that they will all get to you undamaged. There is no guarantee past that, please keep in mind hatching eggs are always a gamble and one person may get 100% hatch and someone else might get 25% hatch.

Is there a minimum number of chicks I have to order?

There is a 6 chick minimum on all shipped orders. You however can mix and match breeds to meet this minimum.

Are the chicks sexed or straight run?

All chicks are sold as straight run, except for autosexing breeds.

How much is shipping on chicks and eggs?

Shipping on chicks is a flat rate of $45 per box of up to 20 chicks to anywhere in the USA. Shipping on eggs is $20 priority or $45 for express per dozen eggs.

What is provided for chicks during shipping?

All chick orders are shipped with 4 cups of grogel and chick starter food to ensure that they have food and water during their transit time. Heat packs are added if necessary.

How long does it take to get my chicks?

Express shipping takes 1-2 days, but I always pack enough food and grogel for a 2 day trip.

How long until my order ships?

Most orders go out in 1-3 weeks but on some breeds of higher demand it can be longer, you can email me to get an estimated ship date.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes if you have to cancel your order you will forfeit 50% of the order amount.